Animal Control Products
Animal Control Products

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Ketchum Pet License Tags (rabies tags) are produced using 0.040” plain aluminum or 0.050” coloured aluminum (blue, red, green). This shape is also available in a brass or stainless steel material. There are different packaging options available to you with our Pet License Tags 1. Tags strung on a wire in lots of 50 with/without attachments supplied separately. 2. Tags with either S-hooks or O-rings attached and strung on a wire in lots of 25. 3. Tags polybagged with either S-hooks or O-rings in a continuous strip.
Steel 1" S-Hook.
5/8" inside diameter O-Ring.
These signs are made of .030 plastic material, there are two holes to secure the sign. 5" x 8".
Pet Alert Decals make your pet safer in case of emergency. These eye-catching pet alert decals are to be placed on a window/door or a home’s main electrical box to alert firefighters or police to save your pet(s) in case of a fire, flood, earthquake or other emergency situation. 4” x 5” Pet alert decals are made of strong, static-cling, weather proof plastic material. Bright, vibrant red colour, assuring EZ alert visibility. Pet alert decal adheres to any clean glass surface without adhesive. It can easily be removed and reused.