Promotional Products & Signs
Promotional Products & Signs
We manufacture a variety of items for promotional purposes. We offer custom lawn signs, golf-hole discs, golf bag tags, scuba tags, coat check tags, calendars, car magnets, pull up banners. The list really could go on and on, if you don't see what you are looking for let us know I am sure we can do it for you.

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Corrugated plastic signs are UV resistant and waterproof. 4mm thick coroplast. These custom signs can be printed and cut to the size you need. Perfect for special events, elections, golf tournament sponsorships, graduation or even birthday signs.
Plastic safety barriers are used to keep distance between you and your customers. Made using thick clear plastic, we are able to custom print logos or other messages you need. We work with you to determine exactly what you require.
Canvas banners are a great way to showcase your special event or product. We manufacture custom banners to your size requirements. Available with or without gromets.
Made of .030” thick plastic the tags can be reused repeatedly. Ask us about our attachment options as well.
Our large signs can be manufactured using different materials; coroplast, metal or plastic in different thicknesses. We print based on your design needs and then cut to size.
Military personnel tags are a 2 piece tag made from stainless steel with a shiny finish. These tags can be personalized and are designed to break into two pieces to help identify and track deceased personnel.
Our heavy duty nylon coat check tag measures 3.5" high x 2.25" wide. It has a 1" hole and is 3/16" thick. Available in orange, purple, green, yellow, black, blue, red or brown. Custom tags have logo / name screen printed on one side with number on other side. Standard tag has number engraved on both sides. (minimum order 250)
Ketchum's custom coat check tags are produced from 0.030" thick white plastic. They measure 2.375" wide by 3.375" high, with a 1/2" diameter top hole for placement on the hanger. We custom print the coat check tags with your design. Consecutive numbering is provided in black.
2" round custom coat check tags are custom printed to your design needs on one side and black consecutive numbers on other side. They have a 3/8" hole with 3/4" high black jet printed numbers.