Event Signage
Event Signage
We manufacture a variety of items to promote your upcoming event. We can provide you with outdoor signs, pull up banners, canvas banners and much much more.

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Corrugated plastic signs are UV resistant and waterproof. 4mm thick coroplast. These custom signs can be printed and cut to the size you need. Perfect for special events, elections, golf tournament sponsorships, graduation or even birthday signs.
Canvas banners are a great way to showcase your special event or product. We manufacture custom banners to your size requirements. Available with or without gromets.
The Double Cross “H” Wire Stakes are 30" x 10", made of galvanized 9-gauge steel. They hold the sign 15" above ground.
Our large signs can be manufactured using different materials; coroplast, metal or plastic in different thicknesses. We print based on your design needs and then cut to size.
Create an eye-catching backdrop for any event with these custom banners. We offer Retractable Pull Up Banners that are 31.375"W x 80"H and can be customized to your design requirements. Kits include a swivel-foot base, a three-section shock-cord pole and a tear-resistant, polypropylene banner.
Static clings are designed to be used on smooth surfaces (particularily glass) They can be removed and reused as often as required. Clings can be provided with or without adhesive depending on your needs. Clings with a mild adhesive are generally applied to glass but are ideal for rough surfaces such as metal, wood, canvas, binyl skirting, plastic, concrete and some painted surfaces. Even with the mild adhesive these clings can be easily removed without leaving a residue or damaging the surface they are applied to.
Selection of attractive, durable tags in a style and colour that fits your luggage or equipment bag best. Can be customized to your logo and favourite colours.