We manufacture a variety of museum visitor identification products. We offer plastic admission tags, metal tags, stickers and wristbands to serve your admission needs. We have expanded our product offering to also include signage for your cafe/cafeteria, and your gift shop. Ketchum is your one-stop-shop for admission and signage needs.

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Folding metal tabs can be easily attached, are recyclable after each use and won't leave stains or residue on any surface. We offer blank (undecorated) metal tags. Ketchum metal tags are supplied in a 7/8" round shape. A practical and economical alternative for the low volume user. The minimum quantity of tags per colour is 1,000. *quantities limited
Blank (undecorated) plastic tags are 1"w x 1.9"h. Minimum order 1,000 per colour.
Custom printed pressure sensitive admission stickers remain one of the most cost effective methods of identifying your visitors. Our specially designed adhesives keep our stickers in place but without damaging or leaving residue on clothing. Available in different shapes and sizes our stickers can be sequentially numbered and provided to your facility on rolls for easy storage and dispensing. Stickers can be color coded so each day of the week has its unique color. Whether its regular admission, identifying your members, or advertising an upcoming special event, stickers are an excellent and efficient way to control your admissions and market your facility. Contact us for a quotation.
Wristbands are a very secure way to control your admissions. Wristbands are commonly used in combination with an existing ticketing program to identify visitors who have paid an additional fee to enter a premium exhibit or area. Ketchum’s wristbands are not transferrable ensuring that they cannot be reused a second time. The wristbands can be sold in basic colors, in standard designs, or they can be custom printed to meet your needs. Wristbands are perfect for large outdoor exhibit areas or for facilities that transition from indoor areas to outside areas.
TYVEK SECUREBAND Wristbands can be customized to your specifications. Ask us about bar coded bands. Call for quote.
Ketchum's unique custom screen printed coat check tags are produced from .030" thick white plastic. They measure 2-3/8" w by 3-5/16" h with a 1/2" diameter top hole for placement on the hanger. We custom print your coat check tags to your design needs. Consecutive numbering is provided in black. We suggest printing your coat room numbering requirements in sets of 2 or more - one tag to remain on the hanger and the other(s) for your visitor to retain for coat check claims. (minimum order 250)
Avoid parking problems by distributing Ketchum Parking Permits. They will give you immediate visual verification. Ketchum parking permits are 3" wide x 5" high, .015" or .030" thick plastic. Custom Screen printed. Assortment of print colours to choose from. With or without consecutive numbers. Security Features. Weather resistant. Write-on. Also available in 3D material.
Avoid parking problems by distributing Ketchum Parking Permits. They will give you immediate visual verification. Standard size for parking permit stickers is 2" x 2" OR 3-5/8" x 3-1/4" but you do have the choice of a custom size if you choose. White or clear background. Custom printed to your design requirements. With or without consecutive numbers.