Meat & Poultry Processing
Meat & Poultry Processing
Identification is critical when it comes to food health and safety, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. At Ketchum we are the world leaders in identification products that trace animals from farm to plate. We offer official inspection and custom stamps, carcass branding products and much more.

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Replacement Motor for the DuraProd™. Includes handle assembly with motor and switch, but not the battery pack or shaft. Permanently sealed, maintenance-free motor resists damage by dirt or moisture. Will give years of added life to your prod. Available while supplies last.
Sealed motor to prevent moisture damage. More humane as it only has one second shock. Uses normal hot shot shafts of 13", 22", 32".
This lightweight, portable charger will charge the Battery Pack from a 110V wall outlet. LED lamp indicates proper charging. Safety timer stops charging when battery charge is complete.
Rechargeable battery pack that fits into the duraprod handle. Packs the life of hundreds of alkaline batteries.
Ketchum Branded Sorting Paddles are quickly becoming a standard tool in the livestock industry . The paddle head 30.4cm x 15.2cm (12" x 6" ) creates a visual barrier that helps to guide animals. The BB's inside create a sound that animals respond to. Vinyl covered fiberglass shaft and golf club style grip. 20 paddles per case.
Convenient, hand held flapper for moving pigs. Ideal for limiting stress on animal when moving them. The hitting surfaces are padded to minimize carcass damage and designed to maximize noise at the same time. The flapper's reach can be extended with use of a broom stick.
Metal Fastener for attaching Nylon Neck Tags. 57mm x 79mm (2.25" x 3.125")
The Ketchum esophageal applicator is made of durable metal and plastic material. The design allows for quick application of the esophageal rings.
Ideal for sealing of small intestine. Packaged in bags of 100.
Non-biodegradable inert material that will absorb four times more liquid than regular clay products. Provides traction to a wet floor and does not leave a slippery residue after it has been cleaned up. Safety Sorbent exceeds EPA landfill rules and regulations for safe disposal. 2.5lbs Shaker Carton. 12 per case.
The ARDES ear tag applicator is designed for durable use. It is shock resistant, efficient and has long-lasting reliability. For use with Ardes Ear Tags. Size: 240mm x 70mm/9.44" x 2.75".
Wooden handle stamp kit includes 15 cuts of meat stamps and 1 inking pad. Meat cuts included are: Brisket, Tri Tip, Rib Roast, Short Ribs, Stew Beef, Round Steak, Round Roast, Rump Roast, Sirloin Steak, T-Bone Steak, NY Strip Steak, Rib Eye Steak, Blade Steak, Blade Roast and Ground Beef.