Meat & Poultry Processing
Meat & Poultry Processing
Identification is critical when it comes to food health and safety, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. At Ketchum we are the world leaders in identification products that trace animals from farm to plate. We offer official inspection and custom stamps, carcass branding products and much more.

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Replacement axle for legend wheel for use in the Needlepoint Carcass Branding Machine.
Replacement section "Canada" for use in the Needlepoint Carcass Branding Machine.
Replacement section "Grade" for use in the Needlepoint Carcass Branding Machine.
Replacement section "Code Number" for use in the Needlepoint Carcass Branding Machine.
Ketchum's air driven automated tattooer allows the operator to efficiently and properly tattoo a large number of pigs per hour. The unit uses Ketchum's 101 style ear tattoo characters that are 6mm (1/4") tall. The automated system will work on piglets 2 days to 2 weeks of age. The characters can be changed by removing a cover and opening our traditional lever lock system. The Automated Tattooer operates under air pressure at 80PSI. The unit comes with a bracket that allows easy mounting to most carts used to process piglets. There is an adjustable slide that allows for adjustment in height of up to 10" that facilitates easy operation. The operator just has to: attach system to processing cart, put desired characters into stamping head, attach airline, put ink on piglet's ear, slide piglet's ear into tattooing slot, push foot pedal, remove piglet's ear from slot, gently rub tattooed area with thumb and return piglet to it's litter. The design of the unit allows consistent pressure to be delivered during each application to ensure adequate tattooing depth is achieved and yields an optimal tattoo. Cost effective efficiencies.
Blue plastic carcass brad for attaching information tickets to meat carcasses. Designed to overcome some of the problems associated with metal brads. Length 1-3/4", Head 1/2" x 3/4". 10,000 per case.
A very popular carcass tag. Strong centre ringlet allows for quick and easy removal of tag. 4-3/4" x 2-3/8"
Auction stickers. Number series 1-1000. 7.6cm x 5cm (3" x 2").
The Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooer makes a permanent tattoo mark on the body of the 2 to 5 week old pig that grows and lasts for the life of the animal. Accommodates up to seven 6mm (1/4") high characters. The 15cm (6") aluminum handle maximizes grip for best quality results. Use Ketchum permanent tattoo ink, fluid or paste.
Stainless steel 7" hook with cast aluminum handle.
Fast character changes - open lever, remove and insert desired characters, close lever, flip security clasp on, tattoo. No screws to undo. Blank spaces do not need spacers. For use with Ketchum Tattoo Ink and Paste. Holds up to 6 characters. Uses KP2282 Needlepoint Characters, KP2250 Poly Characters or KP2300 Tattoo Characters.
Bristles are 2" in diameter 2" in height.