Meat & Poultry Processing
Meat & Poultry Processing
Identification is critical when it comes to food health and safety, brand recognition and customer satisfaction. At Ketchum we are the world leaders in identification products that trace animals from farm to plate. We offer official inspection and custom stamps, carcass branding products and much more.

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The Snapper Bolt Seal is a barrier class seal designed for securing high balue cargo. A solid steel bolt provides strength while molded plastic coating provides tamper evidence. Both parts are numbered to prevent fraud. Parts come attached in a unique package. Laser printed consecutive numbers and company name. Meets standard for High Security Seals (ISO / PAS 17712). Allows for customization with 2 letters and 6 digits.
This seal measures 22.2cm x 9.5mm (8-3/4" x 3/8") and is made of plain tinplate. Can be embossed with a maximum of 15 letters and a 7 digit number. Colour options exist. Priced per 1000 pieces.
The BagGuard Seal offers strength (110lbs breaking strength) and easy application. The teeth on the strap will grip tightly against plastic or cloth bags and will prevent tampering. Allows for customization with 8 letters and 7 digits. Minimum order 1000 pieces in multiples of 1000.
This heavy duty tagging gun is used to attach tags to carcasses.
Aluminum pump for 45 gallon drums.
Liquid denaturant agent for registered food establishments. Dark green liquid is ideal to mark food items that need to be isolated from normal food production. There is no need to dilute the liquid as it is ready to use. It is deemed acceptable for use in federal and provincial establishments as per the Canadian Food Inspection Agency, It is packaged into convenient 500ml containers and works great in low pressure sprayers.
Plated Metal Heavy Duty Split Ring, 38mm (1.5") inside diameter. Attaching device for Nylon Neck Tags.
Bends 180 degrees without breaking or crimping. Built-in hang hole. Strong and reinforced for increased durability. Compatable with the Green One", "The Red One" and Duraprod.
Smooth surface for natural feeling. 24cm/9.5" wrist covering glove length. 5 mm thickness. Beaded cuff for extra strength. 100 per box.
IVS Disposable Coveralls have all the desired features. Light weight, disposable, breathable and works well in all wet/dry environments. Protects against non-hazardous aerosols, liquids and dry dust. Generously sized for easy movement. Zip up front with elastic wrist and ankles. 50 per case.
Extremely rugged and durable unit with large screen display. Plug and play system or Bluetooth capacity. Ideal for livestock export documents and traceability programs. Only reader available with a corresponding smart phone app with Bluetooth models. 45cm/17.7" unit.