Tattoo Characters
Tattoo Characters
Ketchum uses a special alloy to manufacture all of our tattoo characters. Our tattoo characters have withstood the test of time. We offer a wide variety of characters to fit into each of our tattooers at different sizes to meet your needs.

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19mm (3/4") character with beveled ends to easily slide into Ketchum Stainless Steel Shoulder Tattooer (KP2293059). Made with Ketchum's special alloy to ensure durability. Also used as a stationary character in the Rotary Shoulder Tattooer.
New 1-1/4" tall, sturdy needlepoint characters for the one piece Aluminum Shoulder Tattooer. Packages of 10.
A new more visible 1 1/4" tall neddlepoint tattoo character. Made with Ketchum tough alloy and high quality pins. For use with KP2360, KP2361, KP2362, KP2287, KP2288 and KP2288HD.
22mm (7/8") characters that attach to internal rotating wheels of the Ketchum Rotary Hammer to produce a clear tattoo. For use with KP2400059.