Tattoo Characters
Tattoo Characters
Ketchum uses a special alloy to manufacture all of our tattoo characters. Our tattoo characters have withstood the test of time. We offer a wide variety of characters to fit into each of our tattooers at different sizes to meet your needs.

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22mm (7/8") characters that attach to internal rotating wheels of the Ketchum Rotary Hammer to produce a clear tattoo. Set contains one of each character A-Z.
19mm (3/4") tall characters made from Ketchum's custom alloy. They are extremely durable and can slide into the sides of Ketchum Rotary Shoulder Tattooer. You pick the number and/or letter combination.
Great for organized storage and safety concerns. For use with Ketchum 101 Tattoo Characters and 50D Tattoo Characters.
Great for organized storage and safety concerns. For use with Ketchum Needlepoint characters.
Made from a tough Ketchum alloy these specially designed needlepoint characters produce 'easy-to-read' livestock tattoos. Designed for use in all Ketchum Model 101 pliers. Characters are 6mm (1/4"). Proven over decades of use.
Digits for all of the Ketchum Model 201 Ear Tattooers are made from tough Ketchum alloy. 8mm (5/16") size has chisel-point pins for an Industry Leading 'easy-to-read' tatoo. For use with Ketchum Models 201R, 201B and 201A Ear Tattooers.
For use with Ketchum Model 400 large character tattoer. 14mm (9/16") tall character features a chisel point pin that produces highly legible ear tattoo. Character made from strong Ketchum alloy that is extremely durable.
Ketchum Model 50D tattoo characters are made with tough Ketchum alloy. Needlepoint characters are 4mm (3/16") tall. Made specifically for use with Ketchum 50D Ear Tattooers.
Characters are 6mm (1/4") high, Made with tough Ketchum alloy, for use with Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooer. Designed for use on piglets at least 2 weeks of age. The tattoo will grow with the piglet and be legible for the lifetime of the pig when applied with permanent Ketchum ink or paste.
19 mm (3/4") tall character, Made of poly with steel needlepoint pins it a light weight and durable product. For use with KP2288, KP2287, KP2288HD, KP2230 and KP2281.
19mm (3/4") character made from strong alloy and high quality pins. Our custom designed alloy ensures the characters will hold up under rugged conditions. The characters have desired spacing between pins to produce a highly legible tattoo. (For use in KP-2288, KP2288HD, KP-2287. KP-2360, KP-2361).
Made from tough Ketchum alloy, the 14mm (9/16") tall character is designed for use in ketchum BBQ and Feeder Pig body Tattooer. Ideal for use on pigs from 50 to 120 lbs(25 -60 kgs).