Ketchum has a variety of products to help you identify your sheep or goats. We offer a variety of tattooer options combined with our permanent tattoo inks and pastes you will not be disappointed. We offer leg bands, ear tags, nursing bottles and even de-horners. If you don't see something in our product selection that you need, just give us a call chances are we can get it for you.

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Revolving Headkit for the Model 201R Ear Tattoer includes lever lock bar, roller spring, flat wire spring and screw, great way to refurnish tattoo plier.
White, high density polyethylene, heavy weight nursing bottle for lambs. Long lasting, durable. Almost indestructible. 1892ml/64fl.oz, with pint calibration markings. Nipples are self-closing "cross-cut" style. Nipples are high grade rubber: strong, soft, pliable. Nipples snap on easily and stay on. Tight nipple fit eliminates leakage.
Nipples are self-closing "cross-cut" style. Nipples are high grade rubber: strong, soft, pliable. Nipples snap on easily and stay on. Tight nipple fit eliminates leakage.
High grade Hickory Cane. Length about 96.5cm/38". Medium weight. Can be varnished or painted.
Stock whip. Machine twisted nylon popper. 127cm/50" shaft with 20.3cm/8" drop. 25.4cm/10" tapered rubber handle.
Whips Flags have quickly become an essential tool for soothing livestock when sorting and moving. The soft flag aides in the calming of the livestock. 50" whip.
Stock whip. Machine twisted nylon popper. 152cm/60" shaft with 17.7cm/7" drop. 25.4cm/10" soft plastic handle.
30.4cm/12" black, braided nylon popper.
Use it as a vacuum and its super suction gets down deep to remove parasites, dirt, dandruff, and loose hair. Use it as a blower and it dries coats evenly completely leaves hair smooth and lustrous. It can also be used to blow dust off animals. Portable and lightweight, Vac 'N' Blo can be used anywhere. Adjustable shoulder strap frees hands for easy use. Other uses; Vac 'N' Blo is excellent for cleaning debris from barns, stables, grain drills, tractors, feed mills, etc. CAS Approved, grounded 110V plug. Unit comes with 4.0 Peak H.P. VAC 'N' BLO Power Unit, (on wheels), A Large Capacity Perm. Cloth Bag. Shoulder Strap, 2-6 Ft. Flexible Hose w/Air Flow Control, Air Concentrator, Air Flare, Groomer Rake, 3 piece Brush Comb Set (Grooming Brush, Curry Comb, Pin Comb), 3 Disposable Bags, 2 Filters.
Rattle Cup is animal friendly! Made of high density, durable polyethylene and built to last. It's large handle makes the Rattle Cup easy to use. Steel balls inside the cup allow you to move animals by sound alone. Makes moving, sorting and loading livestock easier. Size 16.5cm x 17.7cm x 12.7cm (6-1/2" x 7" x 5") with a large handle.
Non-toxic, non polluting amazingly effective Sticky Roll catches, controls and eliminates flies because it’s based on their natural habits. Flies follow the warm updrafts in rooms and barns, seeking a resting place near the ceiling. They become entrapped in Sticky Roll, then become an irresistible attractant to other flies. No baits, toxins or pheromones are necessary. Soon the tape is black with dead flies.
81' refill for the Mr. Sticky 81' Roll Kit.