Ketchum has a variety of products to help you identify your cattle. We offer a variety of tattooer options combined with our permanent tattoo inks and pastes you will not be disappointed. We offer leg bands, ear tags, neck tags and a variety of auction supplies just to name a few of our options. If you don't see something in our product selection that you need, just give us a call chances are we can get it for you.

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Natural polished wood handle, wide hard blade, strong design
Natural polished wood handle, wide hard blade, strong design
Easy to use. Handle loops. Durable and strong. Less stress on calf than chains.
To prevent spreading of hind legs. Useful for cows after calving with weak hind quarters. Strong 38mm/1.5" strapping with velcro style material.
Hard stainless steel. One blade straight and another serrated for strong grip to prevent slipping when cutting tough feet.
Single ear tags are 7.6cm x 6.35cm (3" x 2 1/2"). Made of .015 PVC plastic.
Hip Tags are 7.6cm x 4.7cm (3" x 1-7/8") and are made of .015 plastic.
Used for marking animals for inoculations, sorting, breeding, healthcare and identification. Non-toxic. Safe for use on all livestock. 10 per box.
Apply to tail head; when cows are mounted, paint is rubbed around or disappears and provides a clear indication of Estrus activity. Water-based. Quick and easy to apply with brush-like head on each bottle. Each bottle effective for 120 applications. Waterproof once dry. Available while supplies last.
Quick and easy way for temporary markting of livestock. Easy to apply and remove. Reusable, durable and markable. 10 bands per bag.
Adjustable ratchet locking system easily closes from 33cm (13 5/16”) down to 3.8cm (1 1/2”) in diameter. The bands fasten securely for great retention yet they are reusable when taken off with a flat screw driver. The Dana leg bands are available with printing up to 5 characters or in a blank format. Sold in packages of 10.
The ARDES extra-large ear tag, guarantees a record retention rate thanks to its innovative clip, with a high resistance to breaking. Size: 75mm x 100mm/2.95" x 3.94".