Ketchum has a variety of products to help you identify your cattle. We offer a variety of tattooer options combined with our permanent tattoo inks and pastes you will not be disappointed. We offer leg bands, ear tags, neck tags and a variety of auction supplies just to name a few of our options. If you don't see something in our product selection that you need, just give us a call chances are we can get it for you.

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The quick, clean way to attach hip tags and labels to livestock. Cattle Hip Tag Cement sets fast, giving an extremely "tacky" bond which holds in wet or dry weather. Tags remove cleanly. Cement does not stain hide. Approximately 2 cartridges required per thousand tags or labels. 453g (10.6oz) cartridge.
Broad tip valve action heavy flow plastic tag marker. Each marker will mark approximately 100 tags.
Rectangular cattle auction hip tags are made of tough manilla tag board material. Bold, black 1 7/8" numbers. Available in series 1-1000. Sold in thousands lots only, no series broken. Packaged in 100's, not gummed. Size: 9.5cm x 6.35cm (3 3/4" x 2 1/2").
Now you can ID your Livestock from the back end. Great for dairy animals and parlour systems. Reusable R-Clip system. RFID (FDX or HDX technology) excellent read ranges. Large visual I.D. component. No applicator required/easy application.
Remove ear tags quickly and safely with the EZ-Knife Ear Tag Remover. Features a strong plastic handle, razor sharp stainless steel blades, and a blade guard. Also ideal for removing wrapping from pallets.
The ARDES large ear tag, guarantees a record retention rate thanks to its innovative clip, with a high resistance to breaking. Size: 60mm x 75mm/2.36" x 2.95". Custom printed to suit your needs. Available in Red, White and Yellow.
Specially designed for use in the application of XL Feedlot Ear Tags.
The ARDES ear tag applicator is designed for durable use. It is shock resistant, efficient and has long-lasting reliability. For use with Ardes Ear Tags. Size: 240mm x 70mm/9.44" x 2.75".
Special design with spikes to stop calves from sucking.
Heavy duty and easy to grip.
Barnes style dehorner with 33cm/13" wood handles. Cupped cutting edge to allow easy removal of horn bud. Ideal for use on younger livestock.