Ketchum has a variety of products to help you identify your cattle. We offer a variety of tattooer options combined with our permanent tattoo inks and pastes you will not be disappointed. We offer leg bands, ear tags, neck tags and a variety of auction supplies just to name a few of our options. If you don't see something in our product selection that you need, just give us a call chances are we can get it for you.

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1-200 double auction stickers. 7.6cm x 5cm (3" x 2"). Ask us about custom options.
Auction stickers. Number series 1-1000. 7.6cm x 5cm (3" x 2").
Hip Tags are 7.6cm x 4.7cm (3" x 1-7/8") and are made of .015" plastic. Hip tags can be custom printed to suit your needs. Available in white, yellow and orange. Sold in boxes of 1000.
Revolving Head kit for the Model 201R Ear Tattoer includes lever lock bar, roller spring, flat wire spring and screw, great way to refurbish tattoo plier.
Safest, most humane way to stop kicking cattle, and to subdue wild and unruly animals. Adjusts to any size animal. Quick and easy to apply. When properly adjusted, pressure on the nerves and muscles which control kicking makes hind legs immobile. Especially useful for training heifers with first calves; introducing cattle to milking; controlling nurse cows; restraining animals during examination, surgery, or artificial insemination. Ruggedly constructed of heavy duty material.
Stainless steel leader, overall length 19cm/7.5", with a 33cm/13" chain.
120 volt electric branders made in Canada and CSA approved. El-Toro has been a trusted branding manufacturer for 30 years. Brander heats up to temperature in roughly 90 seconds, depending on size and number of characters, and remains hot to create an even non blotchy brand. Branders are available in 1 to 5 character units with sizes ranging from 50mm - 101mm/2" - 4".
Plated Metal Heavy Duty Split Ring, 38mm (1.5") inside diameter. Attaching device for Nylon Neck Tags.
Ketchum nylon neck tags measure 89mm x 57mm (3-1/2" x 2-1/4"). All deeply engraved numbering and or lettering is white. Standard tags are engraved with up to 3 numbers on both sides of the tag, 35mm (1-3/8") high. Higher numbers and/or lettering are also available. Available in 9 colours: orange, purple, green, yellow, black, blue, red, brown and pink.
Attaching device for the Nylon Neck Tags.
Black nylon rope attaching device for Nylon Neck Tags. Approximately 62" in length.