Ketchum has a variety of products to help you identify your cattle. We offer a variety of tattooer options combined with our permanent tattoo inks and pastes you will not be disappointed. We offer leg bands, ear tags, neck tags and a variety of auction supplies just to name a few of our options. If you don't see something in our product selection that you need, just give us a call chances are we can get it for you.

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Identify the date of conception and the calendar marks the approximate birthing date and other events. 21.5cm x 21.5cm (8-1/2” x 8-1/2”) with a hole punched in the top corner so it can be hung anywhere. Printing is blue to allow for easy ready of the wheel. Printing is water resistant. Plastic material is durable in harsh conditions. Inquires for customized Gestation Calendars are welcome.
Ideal flexible wire allows tags to be easily attached to equipment to be auctioned off. Package of 1000.
Removable clip for Kurl-Lock plier to accomodate Kurl-Lock tag #X. Replace as necessary.
Removable clip for Kurl-Lock plier to accomodate Kurl-Lock tag #X. Replace as necessary.
Removable clip for the Tamperproof plier to accomodate tamperproof tag #X. Replace as necessary.
This detergent based shampoo has tremendous deep cleaning properties. Your cattle, horses, dogs and sheep will have a first place show ring shine. Many other uses as well - brick, fleeces, quilts, etc. Ketchum Manufacturing gives you the tools to get the job done.
Great for removing tattoo ink from hands. Made by WORX®, it is organic and has biodegradable surfactants with cellulosic colloids. Enhanced cleaner and skin conditioner in a squeeze bottle. Available while supplies last.
Extremely rugged and durable unit with large screen display. Plug and play system or Bluetooth capacity. Ideal for livestock export documents and traceability programs. Only reader available with a corresponding smart phone app with Bluetooth models. 45cm/17.7" unit.
The ARDES large button RFID tag is designed for optimum security, retention and usability. The tags include RFID technology for easier management of herd data and animal tracking. 30mm (1.2"). FDX or HDX option. Custom printing options available.
Strong! Tested to withstand a minimum of 1,200 lbs. of pull.
Made from durable poly material that will withstand all weather conditions. Larger font digits easier to read from distance. Internal lock mechanism to reduce tag movement on collar. Yellow with permanent laser etched number on each tag. 5 cm x 5.7 cm. Available in boxes of 10 of each number.