Plastic Admission Tags

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Small Round Admission Tag
The small round admission tag works well with logo's and designs with curved elements.  Size: 1.03" w x 1.89" h. Ketchum’s plastic admission tags are a cost effective tool to help in your visitor admission programs.
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Small Square Admission Tag
The small square admission tag shape works well with text only designs or logos with straight line elements in them.  Size: 0.98" w x 1.87" h.
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Medium Round Admission Tag
Ketchum understands that our small tag sizes can be a little restrictive in size for facilities wanting to put more elements into their tag design.  The medium round admission tag offers more space allowing more to be placed within the design.  Size: 1.5" w x 2.7" h
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Medium Square Admission Tag
If you need to be able to visibly identify your visitors at a distance the medium and large sized tags might be the solution.  The medium square admission tags are more visibly prominent making it easier for your staff to verify if your visitors are in the right place, avoiding awkward proof of admission situations.  Size: 1.5" w x 2.9" h.
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Large Rounded Rectangle Admission Tag
Ketchum's unique plastic tags will make an exceptional addition to both your special exhibition/event marketing and visitor admission program. 2.14" w x 3.4" h
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Blank Square Plastic Tags
Blank (undecorated) plastic tags. Minimum order - 1,000 per colour.
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