Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. Kurl-Lock Directions

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Step 1. Ensure that the clip on the lower jaw of the tagger is stamped “K-LOCKNo2”.

Step 2. Place the tag between the tagger jaws with the letter face on the “K-LOCKNo2 clip on the lower jaw. Pull the tag into the jaws with the forefinger until the cut end of the letter face snaps down to the floor of the clip.

Step 3. Face the animal to be tagged. Pull the top of the ear towards you. Insert the centre of the top edge of the ear between the tagger jaws. The lower tagger jaw will be inside the ear. For young calves, leave a growth gap of 1.3-1.6 cm (1/2”-5/8”) between the edge of the ear and the bend between the number and letter faces of the tag. Similarly, a comfort gap of 0.3 cm (1/8”) is required for mature animals.

Step 4. Quickly and firmly close the tagger until a slight slip of the tagger handles is felt. When properly applied, the point leg of the tag will be perpendicular to both the number and letter faces. Only the leading portion of the point wraps around the bar. Over-squeezing will cause the point leg to bend or be somewhat parallel to the number and letter faces.


Step A. Insert a flat screwdriver into the nose of the tagger between the bottom of the clip and the lower jaw of the tagger.

Step B. Pry the clip upwards and away from the tagger nose until it separates from the tagger.

Step C. Slide the K-LOCKNo2 clip onto the lower jaw of the tagger beginning at the nose of the tagger towards the tagger fulcrum.

Step D. Complete the installation by tapping the K-LOCKNo2 clip towards the tagger fulcrum and down towards the lower jaw with a light hammer. The clip should be firmly seated between the four raised corners found on the lower jaw. If necessary, tap the top of the clip until it can be seen to be in full contact with the jaw.

Step E. Test the tagger with the enclosed 2 practice K-LOCKNo2 tags.

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