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FastKetch Fish Tagging Kit, 2830-210

The FastKetch tagging system is designed to tag fish at up to 200 fish per minute. Each food grade approved plastic tag has a 1 inch by 1 inch printable surface and an arrow shaped tab that secures in a gill plate. Tags are sold heat sealed into bundles of 150 tags for quick and easy loading of the tagging unit (Tags sold separately). The system can be used on whole fish, head on gill gutted fish, head off fish, or fillets and steaks. The tagging system is usually sold with a suspension pulley system allowing it to be suspended from a ceiling. This applicator is used when tagging through gill plates or tail fins as it contains a small knife that pierces the product just before the tag is applied. Ketchum Manufacturing offers a full range of parts and supplies for our FastKetch applicators for on-site maintenance and we offer full repair service at our factory as well. Note: Not designed to tag products after they are frozen.