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Wildlife Identification Products

Kevin Dalrymple | October 19, 2011

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. is a global leader in identification products. We are also an innovative and custom manufacturer of wildlife identification products. Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. has a variety of products available for identifying wildlife ranging from tattooing products to RFID technology.

Tattooing is an excellent way to identify wildlife. Tattooing offers an inexpensive, permanent and inconspicuous means of identification. Bears are a common species to tattoo as they sometimes become nuisances. By tattooing the bear (usually in the upper lip, inside the mouth) you have a way of identifying that bear should he return to being a nuisance or is killed. When wildlife is tattooed you are not altering its general appearance in any way. The tattoo is permanent and inconspicuous. When tattooing wildlife remember to use Ketchum inks and pastes. Our links offer an antiseptic which will help speed the healing process.

Metal tags are another means of wildlife identification. There are different sizes of metal tags available depending on what species of wildlife you are dealing with. Aluminum tags are reserved for fish and bird species. The aluminum tag will not rust in water, and they are lighter than the metal counterpart. In the case of birds and fish, the aluminum tags is fastened to the gill plate, while for birds the tag is attached to the wing. Metal tags are also manufactured, but they are used to identify larger wildlife such as bears, caribou, elk and goats. The ear is the most common place to install the metal tags on larger wildlife. All metal or aluminum tags can be stamped with consecutive numbering as well as with lettering or a name.

Custom printed ear tags are another great way to identify wildlife. Plastic ear tags are available in various sizes and colours and the custom printing options are almost endless. Plastic ear tags are used on wildlife to visually identify specific animals. The larger ear tags on wildlife greatly enhance the ability to see an animal’s identification from a distance. The ITW/Reyflex brand of ear tags has proven themselves in the field of wildlife identification. With our inkjet printing process and baking procedure, the tags have a long lasting mark that will resist fading and remain visible.

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. has been supplying quality identification tags since 1913. Many of our products are customizable with sequential or batch numbering.

If you are looking for something unique to identify wildlife in your next project, contact Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or email to ketchum@ketchum.ca

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