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University Products

Perry Swank | May 17, 2018

University Parking PermitsParking Permits

Our parking permit tags are ideal for providing quick and easy verification. They measure 3” wide x 5” high and have an opening at the top to slip over the rear view mirror. Permits can be easily and quickly transferred from one vehicle to another. Produced from .015” or .030” plastic. Custom printing, consecutive numbering, holograms and security features are available. XKK2122


Parking DecalsParking Decals

2" x 2", 3-5/8" x 3-1/4" or size of your choice. White or clear background. Custom screen printed. Assortment of print colors to choose from. With or without consecutive numbers. XKK2124


Bag TagsBag Tags

Strong and reliable tags you can count on for maximum performance. The RC518A-081 tag is made of nylon and measures 3 1/2" high x 2 1/4" wide.  It has a 1" hole and is 3/16" thick. Available with engraved numbers on both sides or with an engraved number on one side and an engraved or screened logo/wording on the other side. Inquire about black fill option. Colours available: orange, purple, green, yellow, black, blue, red, brown, pink or white. RC518A


Locker Tags

Highly visible blackened 1/2" numbers. Our .032, 1 3/8" brass tags can be engraved with custom sized characters. Tags can be black filled to offer higher visibility. KK1055

Locker Tags

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