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Traceability Filipino Style

Jason Baker | July 3, 2015

It is often said that Canada is a melting pot for the world’s different cultures. Our workforce reflects that as well. A couple of our long tenured employees hail from the Philippines originally. They travel home to visit friends and family as often as they can and are very proud of their homeland.

So they were thrilled when they played a part in producing tags for a tagging program in the Philippines for Bangus or Milkfish. Ketchum Manufacturing was chosen to provide the gill plate tags being used in this very unique program to drive value to a highly sought after protein. More and more traceability and brand recognition are becoming tools companies use to drive sales and increase consumer confidence.

Click here to find out how Dagupan City is doing it for all of their fishermen.

Contact me now to start your own tagging program at jasonb@ketchum.ca

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