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The In-Room Signage - "The Do Not Disturb Sign"

Lani Van Eik | January 20, 2012

I work at Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. and like many people I do a lot of business travel as I attend business meetings, exhibit at trade shows, or meet with clients at their place of business. Business travel is different than vacation travel. There is no pressure to keep your family entertained and your time after work revolves around what you want to do. Traveling for work on your own is tough as you don’t really feel like sightseeing on your own very much. As a result I at least tend to spend more time in the hotel room when I travel for work than I would if I were on vacation with family. This means the priorities for what makes for a pleasant stay differ as well. When I am on the road rest is paramount to ensuring a successful trip. That means for me my top three requirements are:

Do not disturb door hanger

  1. A Comfortable bed
  2. Good pillows that don’t kill my neck

  3. The Do Not Disturb sign for the door

So the first two points are self explanatory I’m sure but the third may require some explanation. For me relaxation after a long day of business is important and privacy is a key ingredient in achieving that. So call me strange but one of the first things I look for upon arrival is that “Do Not Disturb Sign”. The privacy sign, the In Room guest sign for hotels, the door hanging sign or those key lock signs which slide into the lock itself. They tend to be an afterthought for most hoteliers but for me it’s the one item that can make such a difference in a stay. Heaven forbid its missing.

Nothing is worse than your schedule conflicting with the housekeeping staffs schedule. You’re in the room when they come by and those dreaded words “House Keeping” leads to that awkward moment where you forgo a room cleaning to avoid the embarrassment of being present with the cleaning staff. Try getting fresh towels after that!

So it’s the plastic Do Not Disturb Sign, the super hero of hotel room stays, hanging quietly from your door knob in the hall, protecting you, the poor damsel in distress from the awkward encounter with the dreaded House Keeper.  And don’t even get me started with the staff from room service hounding you for your dinner dishes.

Who knew such a small thing as your Do Not Disturb privacy sign could mean so much to you.

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