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Tent Cards

Lani Van Eik | October 25, 2011

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. produces customized tent cards for hotel and motels. They can be manufactured in the size you need and with the text and artwork, logos and colours of your choice and convey any message that you choose. Our plastic tent cards stand up by themselves and show advertising in both directions, making them perfect for retail situations where you can take advantage of a flat surface.

They are a simple and compelling way to promote

  • special or limited time offers,
  • wines in a dining room,
  • or a new product being offered,
  • conservation with towel usage and changing of bed linen,
  • notify customers of non-smoking rooms,
  • display smoking fines and room cleaning charges for smoking.

Ketchum tent cards are an easy way to show that something has been cleaned and sanitized. They can also let your guests know when something is “free” or “complimentary”, or to simply display your logo and thank them for staying with your establishment. They can even showcase satisfied customer testimonials.

These are just a few examples and suggestions, but since you can totally customize them however you choose, really the possibilities for these tent cards and be endless.

We offer professional tent card printing without sacrificing on quality because our company has the knowledge and experience you would expect. Print your personalized tent cards with Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. and start building your corporate identity today.

To order your plastic tent cards today call (613) 342-8455 or email: ketchum@ketchum.ca


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