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Swine Movement Products

Kevin Donovan | August 23, 2013

Ketchum Mfg. Inc. is known worldwide as a leader in identification products.  But, did you know we have more than just identification products?  KMI has a 100 year history in the agricultural business supplying millions of farmers, thousands of dealers and spanning scores of countries with high quality animal husbandry products.  Customers keep coming back to Ketchum because of the reliability and quality of the products sold.  Animal movement products are something that is usually not at the forefront of producers’ minds at tradeshow or during their visit to dealers but they play an important role in the daily routine of farming.

The pig flapper is a very cost effective yet high quality product that will aid in moving your animals.  The swine flapper is created to make a slapping sound when hit against a solid object like your leg, a gate or a wall.  The pig will hear this slapping sound and move away from the noise.  The handle of the flapper is hollow so an extension can be added if extra length is needed.  Designed with the humane treatment of animals in mind this product will not bruise or injure an animal if it comes into contact with them.  A padded layer on the outside will cushion any contact with your skin or a pig.  The pig flapper is very flexible and will bend to reduce any damage from an unintentional impact.  The pig flapper is a product that every hog producer should have.

The plastic sorting paddle is a highly effective tool to move and sort almost any animal.  The lightweight material makes for a comfortable tool to use every day.  The red coloured broad base grabs the visual attention of the animal.  The BB’s inside sound similar to a rattle snake and will alert the animal that it should move in the opposite direction.  The fiberglass shaft is light and is designed to break if too much force is put on the paddle to minimize injury.  The plastic sorting paddle is one of the most effective humane animal movement tools available.

The hog catcher easily grabs and holds larger pigs for movement, tattooing or veterinary care.  The long handle can comfortably reach any pig that is not facing you or if it has its head buried between other objects.  The steel plate at the base of the catcher will apply positive pressure on the snout of the animal creating a more secure grasp.  The cable will effectively tighten around the snout to reduce slip and loss of the hold.  The auto locking feature is a great way to reduce the number of people required to hold a pig.  The quick release will allow for a nearly effortless freeing of the hog.

Whips have been used for animal movement for centuries.  The whips that Ketchum can provide are effective tools and are available with 50” and 60” flexible shafts and have a 12” popper.  When used properly, the whip will give a cracking or snapping sound when hit against the floor, wall or a gate, to encourage the animal to move.  A feathered tip on the poppers will increase the snapping sound.  The flexible shaft combined with the 12” popper will create a wisp sound with the simple flick of the wrist.  The golf grip handle will allow for a firm hold onto the whip even in adverse conditions.

Duraprod and Hot Shot electric prods from Miller are an effective way to get your animal to move.  With interchangeable shafts you can go from a 13” shaft to a 32” shaft in a matter of seconds.  Both styles of electric prodders are available with rechargeable or non rechargeable battery packs.  The Duraprod has patented technology to reduce feedback and shock.  The Hot Shot prods are available in two different options the Green One and the Red One, both very effective units with the Red One being more economical with a non replaceable motor.

For More information on animal movement supplies email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca or call 613-342-8455.

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