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Swine Enrichment Products - Pig Toys

Robb Irvine | March 5, 2018


in'riCHment, en'riCHment


noun: enrichment; plural noun: enrichments

1. the action of improving or enhancing the quality or value of something.

Agriculture and ENRICHMENT. Our Industry deserves Accolades for the progress being made here. Happy, healthy livestock is good for all of us. Ketchum Manufacturing now carries several products geared toward the Hog Industry that are designed to ENRICH the life of Hogs. 

The first product is the Porky Play. It is most successful where group housing has been introduced to the barn. With 3 flavours that are infused into each of 3 different products it won’t be long before the group is focused on the Porky Play. The benefits are outstanding:

  • Reduces biting and hierarchical fighting
  • Improved animal welfare
  • Attractive scent that becomes stronger as it is agitated
  • Antibacterial (proven to kill 99.9% E. coli)
  • Ideal for pigs from 6 weeks of age to mature sows.

Secondly, Ketchum Mfg. has a Kalfarm Prod that actually teaches Livestock during the handling portion of the moving and/or separating operations. The unit can emit a noise before the electric pulse to condition livestock to move forward without being shocked. Three different intensity levels of electric pulse help to target the minimum amount of force to advance livestock.

Thirdly, Ketchum Mfg. has a product called the RATTLE CUP. By shaking this plastic vessel filled with tiny ball bearings it makes a sound that the hogs respond too. A valuable tool that allows movement/separation of hogs without aggressive force.

Once again, Ketchum gives you the tools to get the job done! Enrichment done well!


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