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Social Media and Ketchum Manufacturing

Jason Baker | May 25, 2012

As a soon to be 41 year old father of four, I am now rather more reflective than I used to be. I am not sure when but It appears as if the generational shift has happened. I have gone from the precocious child to rebellious teenager, ambitious young adult to new parent, all at what feels like lightning speed.

I now look back differently at those times when I was embarrassed of how inept my parents were when it came to the family computer. And setting the VCR to record a program in advance, forget it. They were useless.

My kids don’t know what a VCR is. My nine year old asked me why I call it taping a show. “What does that even mean Dad”? I am now the embarrassing one in the family – struggling to keep up with technology. My 14 year old is the one we call when we mess up the IPAD. She is the one who does the downloading and the tech training in our home. My father in law recently had an important presentation to give and could not figure out how to link the projector to his computer. He called me, I sent Haleigh. Like I would have been able to figure it out!

Never do I feel quite as inadequate as I do when it comes to social media. I have a Facebook page. My wife keeps it updated. I don’t know my password. I needed a new email address when I switched providers and had to call tech support to get it created. They claimed I could have emailed them and I got a headache trying to figure out how to email about a new email account when I didn’t have an email account. If I was being honest it’s hit or miss whether I can figure out how to open attachments on my cell phone. Ok answer my cell phone.

I freely admit 18 months ago I didn’t have a clue what SEO stood for. So how is it that I find myself writing a blog? It’s now part of the job it seems. I spend hours (ok at least half an hour) writing some genius tidbit of information to provide to the masses. Life altering opinions,  flowing freely from me to you. Just so a search engine can find our web site more readily. “Every web visitor is a potential customer” our marketing manager lectures, “and social media is how we get them”.

So it’s Friday afternoon. I’m tired, confused, and trying to keep up with the 20 thing here at work so humor me. I have to get a certain number of buzz words into this thing to keep the “blog keeper” off my back.

So as Facebook goes public today, my homage to the social media world is:

“Ketchum Manufacturing makes case dividers, meat case dividers, shelf dividers, dividing signs often used in grocery store meat cases or retail store shelves. Everybody needs shelf dividers or case dividers to sell more products and keep displays organized.”   


Take that Mark Zucherberg. I own social media.

Please note: My twitter account has been shut down due to overwhelming demand.

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