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Sign Protectors

Jason Baker | June 19, 2012

Don’t you hate when people assume they know more than you do. It’s really annoying when it turns out that they do and hey that happens a lot in my life. As people often say “it’s the feet on the street on know how to get things done”. Ok so maybe people don’t say that a lot but I’m sure I have heard it before.

Take your grocery store for example. I doubt it’s the manager who can tell you where the mustard is, but ask a clerk and they can direct you right to it. So it must be frustrating for these employees to be directed from the board rooms on how to sell more products. Take it from me printed signage and fancy point of purchase displays are great. We at Ketchum sell them. But sometimes people at store level know what is best to move items in their particular store. They know what their clientele responds to better than anybody because what works in the city may not work in the towns and vice versa.

So it’s with this in mind that Ketchum has developed the printed sign protector. If you go to any retail or grocery store the most commonly used pricing or Product Special signage is still the tried and true printed off the computer paper sign. Most stores have programs on their computers to print to a certain size. These signs check the three most important boxes. Fast, Flexible, and Inexpensive.

For years I have been trying to convince large chains and small independents that pre-printed is better. And it is. It’s a more polished and professional look. It draws more attention and certainly gets more products off of shelves and into carts. However it’s not always an option. In some cases specials or time sensitive sales happen to quickly to allow for a preprinted campaign to be developed. Stores need to be able to sign on the fly to keep up with the fast pace of their stores. So no matter what the chain or the size of the store – paper is everywhere and it looks bad. So why continue to swim upstream and convince people I know more about their business than they do. I don’t so as my mom often said “Stop talking and start listening”. I did. Thanks mom. It donned on me that I could help stores achieve the polished look the want and keep the flexibility they need.

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