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Seafood Traceability Programs

Jason Baker | June 19, 2015

One of the replica omega watches fun parts of our business is that we get to partner with some really great companies and organizations. I often send out emails detailing what we’ve been up to and I show you samples of the work we are producing for other companies. Obviously my focus is on the gill tag or tail tag as that is what I do. Ketchum manufactures these tags which become the vehicle for our clients to advertise their business or promote their products.

Recently I was reminded that although the tag is the end point for our Replica Mont Blanc company, it is the starting point or yours. Victoria one of our graphic designers at Ketchum was web surfing for a project she was working on and came across a couple of links that displayed tags she had helped to design. She shared the links with me so I could see them as well and it reminded me that our customers really do some interesting things. Traceability is here to stay and we talk about it all the time as we present our tags as a window to the traceable world. It donned on me I often talk about that window but rarely actually look through it myself.

Here are a few links for some of our clients who are using Ketchum’s gill and tail tags to link to their traceability programs.

Verlasso Gill Tag - Seafood Traceability Program
Jason Delacruz, fishing company owner and partner with My Gulf Wild, a New Orleans non-profit exploring the health of fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico, talked about contemporary fishing practices there. His company tags fish as they are caught, so the buyer can know its origin. (Click here to read more)


Gulf Wild Gill Tags - Seafood Traceability Program
According to a recent report from Oceana, an international ocean-protection organization, seafood may be mislabeled as often as 25% to 70% of the time, at least in part because of the economic incentives to label cheaper species as more expensive ones. But consumers who actually want to know what they're eating will soon have a choice thanks to Gulf Wild, a initiative from the Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Shareholders Alliance that puts numbered, digitally printed tags on individual fish caught in the Gulf of Mexico. (Click here to read more)

This Fish Gill Tags - Seafood Traceability Program
“We are using traceability to improve the sustainability of our inshore halibut fishery and to boost the branding and marketing of our premium quality lobsters and halibut,” says David Decker, FFAW-Unifor Secretary-Treasurer. “We have a unique story to tell about our small-scale fisheries and we believe consumers in Canada and abroad will respond to it in a positive way. We want to increase the value of our seafood, improve incomes to rural fishing communities and differentiate our products in the global marketplace.” (Click here to read more)


CLICK HERE for more information about Ketchum's Gill / Tail Tags or to watch a video about Halibut fishermen tagging Longline caught Halibut using tags produced by Ketchum Manufacturing.

To discuss your project call Ketchum Mfg. 613-342-8455 or E-mail jasonb@ketchum.ca

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