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Seafood Traceability

Claude Lalonde | June 29, 2012


Tagging and tracing makes it possible for consumers to access information concerning the quality and sustainability of seafood. The system encourages informed seafood purchases and promote a sustainable fishery.

At Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. the purpose of our gill tags and fillet tags is multifold. They can be used for traceability, eco certification, to create brand loyalty that increase sales and repeat business, they can identify place of origin, quickly identify seafood species, act as a grade identification as well as indicate product quality.

Ketchum is the world leader in manufacturing seafood gill tags and seafood fillet tags. These gill tags have been manufactured for over 25 years at our manufacturing facility in Ontario, Canada. The gill and fillet tags are produced from food grade plastic and are put in the gill cover of a whole fish or at the side of a fillet.

Ketchum's top quality gill tags and fillet tags can withstand water, heat and cold. They are printed with long lasting inks and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. These gill/fillet tags can be applied with a high speed applicator or with a hand tool (also available from Ketchum Manufacturing Inc).

Our gill tags and fillet tags can be consecutively numbered and lot bar coded. Consecutive numbers or lot numbers can be printed on Ketchum gill tags which will turn your marketing into a complete traceability program.

You can choose to submit your own logo, text and company information to be printed on your gill tags or fillet tags or the Creative Department at Ketchum can help you to create a unique design to perfectly suit your needs. Full colour design option is also available.

Brand your company products and quality standards with Ketchum's gill tags and fillet tags with full traceability and consecutive or lot numbering and/or bar coding.

Printing consecutive numbers or lot codes on your gill tags turns your marketing work into a complete traceability program. Monitor and track internal efficiency programs or develop a program that suits your needs.

Tagging seafood products sell faster and often for better prices. Give your product an edge in the tough competition for consumers food dollars. Identify your product with a Ketchum tag because at Ketchum we pride ourselves in quality and so should you.

Contact us for details at 613-342-8455 or email ketchum@ketchum.ca our seafood sales staff are ready and eager to help you with all your seafood needs.

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