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Seafood Tagging Report

Jason Baker | July 2, 2013

In a fast paced world where it often takes something special to catch a customers’ attention it becomes difficult for marketing people like myself to keep generating ideas to sell potential customers on our products. So periodically one of my customers helps sell the concept for me. I was provided this news article by one of my customers Metropolitan Fish in Singapore who has been using our gill tags to brand identify and supply recipes to his end customers through a QR code we print on each tag. The costs he states for tagging each fish will vary on a number of factors including style, volume, and of course labour costs.

If after reading the story you would like to receive further information or samples please click here to fill out a form and I will be happy to contact you. Please keep in mind we offer products for all types of seafood and a full line of seafood retail signage as well.

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