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Jason Baker | April 9, 2013

Working at Ketchum Manufacturing is many things but boring is rarely one of them. It is one very diverse company selling everything from livestock products to military dog tags to retail and grocery marketing signage. It is the latter side of the company that I have been working on for the last few years but periodically we shuffle the responsibilities of some of our product lines to get some fresh perspectives and ideas to ensure we keep our company advancing.

One of these reorganizations is just happening now. So for the third time during my career here at Ketchum I am being given the primary responsibility for our vast seafood product line. In past covering this line has taken me all over the world. Not just travel across North America but also to places as different as Australia and the Island of Tasmania to Scotland and the Island of Norway.

I look forward to reconnecting with many people I have met in past and in a lot of cases I have remained active on their accounts as I have never been far away from a product line that I feel very protective of. It is with mixed emotions that I leave behind the grocery product line that I helped to shepherd for the last three years but returning to this seafood line feels somehow like a homecoming. My experience gained on the grocery side of food marketing will serve me well as I work with companies all over the world to maximize their sales and help them to promote what is incredible about their seafood products. When you get to know your customers, especially in the seafood industry you appreciate the passion that is put into growing and catching premium foods and ensuring they find their way to restaurants and dinner plates all over the world.

I invite you to visit our newly re-launched website to see our latest products. Whether you want to market your seafood at the processing level or at the store level, Ketchum can custom print your point of purchase needs. Coupled with our ever expanding line of products designed for the fish farm or the fishing vessel I know we can continue to be a source of the items you need to succeed in the ultra competitive seafood environment.

Ketchum Manufacturing can be found at www.ketchum.ca

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