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Safety Sorbent

Kevin Donovan | June 5, 2013

A safe work environment makes for a productive facility.  Don’t have your employees miss time from accidents caused by a slippery floor.  Ketchum manufacturing can help reduce the risk of slips with WYK Safety Sorbent.  WYK will quickly absorb liquids, including oils, acids (except hydrofluoric), caustics, solvents and toxic liquids.  The specially designed formula will absorb 4 times more liquid than any clay products on the market.  A non slippery residue is left when the liquid has been absorbed and the solid Safety Sorbent has been removed, increasing quality of work safety. The powder will act like concrete absorbing liquid and turn to a solid product for easy cleanup.  The highly absorbent combination of materials will not leach liquid once absorbed to make clean up a breeze by simply sweeping up the Safety Sorbent. 

The powder is made of an all natural combination of materials that is free of respirable silica to reduce lung and throat irritation. Sprinkle and leave the Safety Sorbent on the concrete for increased traction on wet and icy floors.  The all natural ingredients exceed the EPA requirements for landfill rules and regulations.  WYK is CFIA approved for non food contact construction material which makes Safety Sorbent your ideal choice for wet floor and spill cleanup products.

For more information on these products please contact us at 613-342-8455 or email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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