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Romance Cards in your Retail Displays

Jason Baker | October 19, 2011

Ahhh the romance card, an entire industry revolving around expressions of love on simple folded card stock. Millions of dollars spent every year saying with a card what few of us can say without one. A simple gesture designed to help men bale themselves out of whatever self induced mess they created.  I thought I knew what a romance card was, heaven knows I’ve relied on them more than the average guy... but I was wrong.  

At Ketchum Manufacturing we make a different kind of romance card. A card you read at the store but don’t have to buy. This romance card is a description of products for sale. Little pieces of education intended for those lost souls wandering the aisles aimlessly looking for direction. I first came across them in the grocery store. Romance cards in the grocery industry tell the consumer about the product, perhaps it’s in the meat display counter and the romance card tells you about the differences in cuts of meat, offers tips on how to prepare it, and perhaps even suggests a wine to partner with it at the table.  Or maybe the romance card is in the floral department advising us on how to care for the flowers on display and what type of environment they best perform in.

The real question is why is it called a romance card? And it’s a good one. Nobody here at Ketchum Manufacturing knows the answer, but we happily make thousands of them. Romance cards of all sizes, colours, and styles. Pieces of plastic designed to make the family grocery shopping just that little bit easier. And for the stores that employ them, an inexpensive tool to help them sell more.

So guys if you’re like me and often need to dig your way back out of the dog house at home, make a nice meal for your loved one. She will be impressed that it is the right cut of meat, prepared just right, and partnered with just the perfect wine. The perfect flowers on the table selected just for her. She will never know where you learned how to do it. That’s a secret for you and I. Just one more tip, don’t forget the romance card – the other kind, they still work too.


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