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RFID Readers

Kevin Donovan | February 28, 2012

RFID readers, also known as radio frequency identification readers are becoming more common place in the agricultural sector.  The RFID reader allows information to be captured from devices that have imbedded electronic information.  In the livestock industry such technology is available in the form of RFID ear tags and microchips.  Due to traceability programs, and an increased pressure to keep accurate and updated health records producers need to become more familiar with and adopt RFID reader technology into their operations. 

RFID readers themselves come in many different models, shapes, sizes and price tags.  Here at Ketchum we make two RFID readers available to the industry.  Both readers offered have been tested in the field and offer different advantages and are targeted for different types of customers with very different needs.

Royal Reader (RT-3540-163)

The Royal Reader is a wonderful tool for those operators who simply need a way to read tags when processing animals.  This reader does nothing fancy, simply scan and read the tag and the ID’s are stored in the readers memory.  The unique colour display offers great visibility in both bright and dim light situations.  At the end of the day stored ID’s are easily transferred to an excel format for further manipulation.  All this in a neat little device that fits in your shirt pocket!Royal Reader

Syscan EID Reader (RT-3530-163)

For those operators needing more complex readers which can communicate with scale heads and computer via Bluetooth, the Syscan reader is what you need.  This CCIA approved reader is ruggedly built to withstand the weather, water, and some impacts.  The reader will vibrate as well as give off an audible sound telling you the tag has been read.  You can even prompt the reader to ask you specific questions allowing you to input health actions for a given animal.

Syscan EID Reader

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