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Price Tags

Lani Van Eik | July 16, 2012

Have you ever walked around your local grocery store and looked at all the different types of price tags that are displayed? Now I mean really look at them...how many different kinds can you see? I have to say that being a marketing person I do notice signs and I thought I was well versed in store signage until I started working at Ketchum Manufacturing. My life changed...

There are so many different types of price tags and I didn't even realize that they all had different names. I mean a price tag is a price tag right?? WRONG

Ketchum Manufacturing produces so many different tags such as: Number Insert Tags, Wheel Tags, Accordion Price Tags, Write-On/Wipe-Off Tags, Chalkboard Signage and the list goes on and on. All of these tags mentioned are equally as effective, it just depends on what your needs are for signage.

These tags can be fully customized to meet your specific requirements. Create your own custom printed tag version from our tag shapes and sizes or a custom shape can be produced to meet your needs. See just a few of the samples available at Ketchum below.

And believe it or not some retailers are very particular about which type of price tag they use in different locations throughout their stores. Each tag functions differently for the retailer but the same for the customer. Ultimately the goal is to sell product and the easier it is for the customer to see the price the better it is for the retailer, you may want different tags for different products within your store.

These tags are a world of information for your customers, they tell them what the product is, where is is from, how much it is, if it is organic, how much they are getting for a certain amount and most importantly your company name is being displayed, so you are not just selling your product but your company as well.

At Ketchum Manufacturing we want to help you sell your products. Would a price tag system help you? Contact one of our knowledgeable staff to get all the information you need for your price tag needs today, we are eager and waiting to serve you and answer all of your questions and help you choose the right price tag for your products.


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