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Poultry Bird Identification

Kevin Donovan | February 11, 2013

Ketchum Manufacturing is a global leader in identification of live chickens, turkeys, migratory birds and fowl. Ketchum was established in 1913 when the founder invented the metal ear tag for cattle. In the years that followed a light weight aluminum wing tags was developed to service to needs of the poultry identification market.  The light weight aluminum tag was modified further to work on day old chicks and other bird identification products were brought in to meet the needs of this market.

No 1 size wing tagNo. 1 Size Wing Tags for Day Old Chicks is available in plain aluminum, red or gold. The 5mm(3/16”) wide by 17 mm(11/16”) long tag is easily applied to the birds wing. Ketchum can stamp 6 consecutive numbers on one side and up to 4 letters on the back of the tag. This tag is ideal for purebred poultry breeding farms, universities or other research farms. 

No 3 size wing tagNo. 3 Size Wing Tags for Turkeys and Larger Birds is available in plain aluminum material. The 6 mm(1/4”) wide by 29 mm(1 1/8”) long tag is easily applied to the birds wing. The light weight aluminum tag is light by design so as not to affect the bird’s wing. The tag can be stamped up to seven letters on one line and 6 consecutive numbers on the other side.


1' Fastener

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Poultry Research Tags. The XKT-2951-065 Plastic Neck tag is a quick attach tag that is very easy to read. The tag is ideal for universities or groups doing research on individual birds. The tags are available in white, pink, yellow, orange, blue or green with jet black printing. The tags are 5/8” wide by 1 5/8” long and attached using a 1” fastener. The tags can be printed with consecutive numbers or lots. The option is available to us alpha or numeric characters in a sequence.


Leg BandAluminum Leg Bands #3 Adjustable. The Ketchum Seal leg band is ideal for identifying migratory birds, medium sized fowl and others. The Ketchum seal leg band is made from a solid piece of material that is easily curved around the birds leg. The band is sealed similar to a rivet using our special pliers. The band has 3 holes that allow you to adjust the size of the band to the bird. The band must be applied to a bird close to maturity. Three initials or short name can be stamped on the bands, with a year letter if desired. Consecutive numbering is clearly embossed.


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Plastic Wing Tags Minitag is ideal for day old chicks as use as a wing tag. The tag is possibly the smallest 2 piece tag in the world and ideal long term identification for small birds and poultry. The tag is 5 mm wide by 20 mm long.  The tag can have 4 digits laser marked on either the male or female side of the tag. The minimum is available in yellow, white, green, orange, red, and pink. The tags is easily attached using our applicator and rotates freely to help reduce the risk of snagging. The minimum order for the Minitag is 1000 units.



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