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Plastic Security Seals

Perry Swank | November 14, 2014

Plastic Pull-Tite Security Seals

An excellent adjustable self-locking security seal designed to help protect against theft and tampering. Used on Emergency Vehicles to tag medical supplies and equipment on board, the pull-tite security seal can be used for bags, pouches, container bins, tool boxes, fire  extinguishers, cabinet and door latches, wire & cable making, equipment inventory and tagging.  Our pull-tite security seals have an ultrasonically sealed tamperproof cap with more than 20 locking positions. Available in a variety of colors and can be numbered and personalized with a logo and wording.


Truck Security Seals                

The plastic truck security seal is the most secure and reliable way to secure your trailer doors and transportation equipment. Because of its patented design, the plastic truck security seal is also the easiest to use and the strongest plastic trailer security seal available.

Plastic truck security seals are used heavily with the Freight & Cargo, Retail, Cash & Transit and Airline industries.  Plastic truck security seals are an excellent alternative to metal truck security seals if you are concerned with security, safety, visibility and readability.  They can be stamped with up to 20 characters and 7 numbers. Available in 7 colours.

         Plastic Padlock Security Seals

 Our plastic padlock security seals offer a one-piece, easy-break, all plastic construction with a locking arrow to fit all applications where traditional padlocks are used.  They have been manufactured to break easily and can be numbered and stamped with company name and logo.  Plastic padlock security seals are used to secure in-flight service equipment, hospital equipment, EMS equipment, ATM cassettes, zipper bags and coin boxes.


Plastic Base Padlock Security Seals with Stainless Steel Hasp     

This security seal is an easy to apply plastic padlock seal which features a galvanized or stainless steel wire hasp which can be scored for added protection and easy removal. Any attempt to tamper with this padlock seal leaves a clearly evident mark, but the security seal will continue to maintain its integrity. Some common applications are bar trolleys, beverage duty free carts, meter rings, bins, catering, containers, pharmaceuticals and vending machines. Our plastic padlock security seals with stainless steel hasp can be stamped with numbers, company name and logo. They are available in 15 colours.


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