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Parking Permits

October 9, 2018

Parking permits may seem like a minuscule investment, but they can position your brand in front of hundreds of potential clients at a fraction of the cost of other branding strategies. Take your brand out of the office and onto the streets with custom parking permits from Ketchum Manufacturing Inc.

Ketchum has been supplying parking permits and other identification products to the parking industry for over 15 years. Many industry users of our parking permits include airports, municipalities, arenas, hospitals, educational institutions and parking facilities.

Ketchum’s parking permits can be custom printed to the most specific of design criteria. Our parking permits are made of strong, durable plastic and will withstand the extreme temperatures of both hot and cold while placed on the rear view mirror. Each parking permit can be numbered uniquely to create an identification system that works for your business or establishment.

Our newest line of parking permits is a tamper proof parking permit which features a holographic background design that enhances a security issue which cannot be duplicated. For those businesses where security is a must, this parking permit is the perfect solution.

This parking permit is ideal in a college or university setting where the creative student has the inclination to duplicate their parking permit. The hologram prevents students from doing so.

No matter what type of parking permit you need, we can provide you with great looking parking permits within your budget.

For all your custom parking permit needs or more information, please contact Ketchum Manufacturing at 613-342-8455  or email to ketchum@ketchum.ca


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