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New Products

Kevin Donovan | August 19, 2013

Ketchum Manufacturing Incorporated is always listening to our customers to help provide them with the best products available. We have recently added a few new products to our livestock supply line that will allow our customers to achieve better results during their day to day routine. These new products have allowed us to expand on our already diverse line of livestock supplies to help reach a wider market of end users. The new products that Ketchum Mfg. Inc. has introduced range from identification to veterinary supplies as seen below.



El-Toro branders

Animal identification is what started Ketchum Mfg. Inc. 100 years ago and it is the key component on what drives the company today. Animal identification is what Ketchum is famous for and this is why Ketchum is proud to have formed a partnership with the people who make El-Toro branders. El-Toro electric branders have been a staple to Western Canada’s cattle identification industry since 1983.  Cattle branding has long been a tradition and custom to farmers and ranchers to show ownership and traceability of an animal. El-Toro electric brands offer a 120 volt unit that is made in Canada and is CSA approved. The electric branding irons offer a permanent mark on your livestock for easy identification and traceability. The El-Toro brands are available in 1 to 5 characters with sizes ranging from 2” to 4”.


All-Weather Swine Shot

Ketchum has been carrying the very popular All-Weather Quick Shot for several years and now Ketchum is proud to introduce the All-Weather Swine Shot. This aerosol paint marker was developed for pigs with an inverted and direct spray design to easily mark in a downward angle. A specially formulated paint based fluid resists weather and is fade resistant to last longer than the original Quick Shot.

The Swine Shot is ideal for marking hogs, days in advance of sorting or selling your livestock as the paint spray will still be easily read. The Swine Shot would be a great choice to spray other animals as well such as calves, goats or any animal where upright sprays are not convenient.


Dana Ankle Straps

Leg bands are a great way to identify your animal from the back and are ideal for parlour or tie stall applications. The Dana cattle straps are made of a polyurethane material to hold up to all types of weather conditions. The ratchet strap design allows for easy size adjustment onto the legs. The straps are available in 6 colours and can be printed with up to 5 numbers. The angle bands are a great way to identify an animal by number. Letters can also be printed on the bands such as; treated, sick or dry.


Markal Dura-Ink 20

Never lose your marker cap again! The retractable permanent marker easily fits into your pocket for convenience. One hand operation, fast drying, industrial grade and multi surface adherence makes this marker stand out from the rest; Works on metal, cardboard, plastic, paper, wood and glass. The 1mm fine bullet tip is comparable to other standard markers and will last just as long.


Veterinary Supplies:

Zec Hoof Trimming Disc

Zec industries have been making disposable hoof trimming discs for nearly 60 years. The aggressive carbide and silica design will turn your regular 4 1/2” angle grinding into a hoof trimmer. Don’t be fooled by the knock-offs, only Zec can provide you with a trusted disposable hoof trimming wheel. The discs have a solid plastic backing to reduce flex and to increase the cutting ability. The Zec cutting discs are ideal for the times where you are in between visits from your hoof trimming specialist and when only a few animals need to be treated.

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