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Museum Scratch-Off Tags

Marie Scrivener | August 7, 2012

Sometimes inspiration comes at the strangest times. I was recently at a wedding, and one of those weddings that you’re socially obligated to go to but not really personally invested in. This was a wedding for somebody my wife’s family knows so I am sitting in a stiflingly hot church as close to the back as possible with all the other people who have been forced to give up their Saturday to attend a wedding their spouses have dragged them to.

The “back of the church” group is a club really. A group of people doing the socially acceptable thing when really all they want to do is survive the ceremony, avoid the pictures, somehow miss the speeches, and get to the fun part. The reception where the bar is open, the booze flows freely, and inevitably some member of the bridal party makes the night and entertains the crowd after a day of overindulgence.

But I digress. So we are back in the church, my yawns are met with that well placed elbow in the ribs and I find my mind wandering to things that actually matter to me. I was having this challenging issue I needed to solve at work. I work at Ketchum Manufacturing and one of the many products we manufacture are custom printed visitor admission tags that people wear on their clothing when they have paid admission to museums or aquariums. This particular customer wanted to find a way to use the admission tag as something other than just a proof of admission. His sales were off in his Gift Shop and he needed to increase that gross sales number to meet his budget. At about this time I hear that voice. That condescending voice my wife uses when she is scolding the kids, (ok scolding me). “Can you believe this guy?” she mutters just loud enough for me to hear. I pretend to be annoyed that my attention is being diverted from whatever magical part of the ceremony is taking place and I look in the direction my wife is glaring. And there it was a ray of golden sunlight cascading down through the stain glassed windows to fall on the guy in the next pew who in the middle of this couples public declaration of love for each other, just as the bride is finally finishing her 20 minutes of personally written vows, just as the usher standing third from the end is clearly going to pass out, there he is scratching a lottery ticket.

Naturally I smile, get another elbow in the ribs from my wife but on the inside I’m thinking “Well played sir, well played”. Then it just hit me out of the blue. We can produce an admission tag with scratch off ink on it. Just like a lottery ticket. The possibilities are endless. Giveaway promotions, contests, rebates on future visits, or in this case a discount incentive on items purchased in the Gift Shop. The choir was singing, the people were cheering, it took me a second to realize it was for the now married couple and not my moment of genius but regardless what a moment.

So we now offer an admission tag with scratch off ink. It’s a great product that can make marketing your facility fun and unique. If you want some samples just click the button and fill out the form. I will be happy to send them to you.

And oh by the way, I did take some creative license with the wedding. You have to admit the cascading light was a nice touch, but the usher did pass out. The third one from the end.

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