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Museum Admission Tags

Marie Scrivener | May 30, 2012

It’s the assumed right of every employee to complain and grumble about their work life. It seems to make the days pass by faster if you can share some common grievances and complaints with co-workers and friends. Our weekly poker game is a four hour marathon of stories and tales as we all try to outdo the other in the game as well as in the hard luck tales of our daily routines. I tend to lose at both.

My nickname at poker is ATM which really tells you all you need to know about my poker ability, but I fare equally poorly at the job grumbling game as well. You see part of my job involves travel. Not just sales call travel to a client list but travel all over the world. I have visited every continent but Africa in my travels and have had the chance to visit some of the nicest places in the world. To my playing partners who haven’t had the opportunity to see the world I am automatically disqualified from the job grumbling debate. Just try to pull the “oh man am I tired from work” comment on this group. It usually is met with “yeah jet lag from returning from Europe sure must be tough” snide comments, and is often  followed up with a massive over bet on the current hand which forces me to fold my Queen-ten suited starting hand pre-flop.

Part of my job at Ketchum Manufacturing is to sell plastic visitor admission tags. Visitor tags that people all over use to gain admission into museums, planetariums, zoos, and aquariums. Periodically I am asked to travel to different parts of the world to exhibit at trade shows and often part of these trips are used to visit these facilities. So it’s ironic that the guy who as a kid on the school trips to museums always ended up on that leash attached to the teacher, has since had the chance to visit some of the most famous cultural institutions in the world.  Security has tightened in our new world post 9-11 but the museum industry still seems to be a safe haven for families. So although I doubt museums have too many issues with people hopping their gates to gain free admission, museums do need to identify who has paid a general admission. This tag can then be used to visually identify who is a visitor, who is a museum member, who is on a group tour, and who has paid the extra price to see the special traveling exhibit on show for a limited time. Ketchum’s visitor admission control programs make that the job of visually identifying who belongs where easier. Our admission tags can be color coded to identify days of the week, areas of the facility, members versus visitors, or whatever else the visitor services department needs to identify.  This keeps staff from having to ask for receipts which slows traffic down and makes the visit memorable for all the wrong reasons. If our tags aren’t the perfect solution to controlling a facility’s visitor admission issues than perhaps our wristbands or admission stickers are.

So as my weekly poker game grinds on into the early hours and the constant bickering and hard luck stories continue on without me I quietly concentrate on my cards. The river card is turned and I miss my straight again. I fold as I normally do and everyone laughs and the chants of “ATM” start again. This is my life; horrible poker player, average sales rep, world traveler. Don’t get me wrong I can complain about work like the next guy, just nobody listens.

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