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Municipal Tags

Marie Scrivener | June 7, 2012

To most people the municipal clerks and treasurers are simply government employees who are paid to do a job. For me here at Ketchum Manufacturing as a sales rep for our animal control products, these employees are much more than that. Why you ask?

Municipal Clerks have so many functions to perform and I was quite surprised when I began selling our animal control products that in most small to mid-sized municipalities that it’s the clerks who are responsible for ordering these products. In some of the really small municipalities its actually the treasurer who performs this task.

I found it hard to imagine that people responsible for collecting taxes and creating by-laws also have time to order animal restraint devices and dog and cat license tags. In reality they probably don’t, so it’s part of the service that Ketchum provides that we look after some of the work load for them. Our pet tags are ordered annually so we contact our municipalities with reminders and we have a convenient on-line ordering system for them. It is our hope that our service and our quality products make Ketchum the one-stop shopping destination for municipalities in both Canada and the United States.

We offer our dog and cat tags in four different metal options; plain or colored aluminum, brass, or stainless steel. We have also custom printed plastic tags for customers as well. We currently offer 21 shapes and sizes so you can make your 2013 tags look different to your 2012 tags for easy visual identification. We can also offer tags for dog park registration and have provided collar tags to Humane Societies for fun raising campaigns as well. In addition to our pet license tags we also offer a full range of animal restraint devices such as our Ketch-All poles, nuisance animal traps, dog transport cages and animal stretchers.

At Ketchum we like to provide our customers what they need and make their life easier when they need it. Come visit our website to find out why we are the number one supplier to municipalities in Canada.


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