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Lock Out Tags

Perry Swank | November 14, 2014

We have been in the identification business for over 100 years and we have learned from our customers along the way.  That is why when we were asked to manufacture Lock Out Tags to keep people from entering certain areas of a facility, we were up to the challenge.

Our plastic lock out tag is 3.5' x 5.75" in size and is made of a .020 tear resistant PVC plastic. Our lock out tags can be a custom designed tag with red stripes to create a highly visible identity. These lock out tags are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and quantities.

The lock out tag is an essential for many health and safety programs highlighting potential dangers in high traffic areas. Ketchum can help you design a lock out tag program that is unique to your needs.

No matter the industry - industrial applications, health and safety, and plant facility management, Ketchum Manufacturing has the products you need.

For all your lock out tag needs or for more information, please contact Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. at 613-342-8455 or email to ketchum@ketchum.ca


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