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Lobster Claw Band Tags

Jason Baker | June 1, 2015

In May it was announced that all Lobster now caught and harvested in Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Quebec are done so under the Marine Stewardship Council’s certification. This means that 75% of the landed value of Canadian fisheries are operating under this world recognized eco-certification. 

I can only appreciate that this must have been a massive undertaking to bring different provincial ministries, numerous fishing associations, and many stakeholders representing all facets of this valuable industry together. I picture a rudderless boat with many oars all with different agendas and then can imagine how difficult it must have been to accomplish anything like this. To continue the metaphor one now pictures a racing shell with numerous rowers all pulling in the same rhythm like at an Olympic regatta. It’s amazing what can happen when everyone works towards a common goal.

The Canadian Lobster Council, if not the coxswain, has at the very least been the biggest cheerleader during this race. This group of industry leaders has long ago realized that in order to compete on the world stage the power of the whole far outweighs the interests of a few. The next challenge for this group is to finalize the long discussed levy to help fund the marketing of their product.

Ketchum Manufacturing has a unique view of this side of the seafood business as we are a major supplier to seafood companies around the world. We have for over 30 years been the go to manufacturer for all things used to market seafood products whether it’s signage for the display case or tags for the seafood products itself. We have been on the front line of seafood marketing and have witnessed the trends come and go but the constant that remains is that successful organizations brand their product..

The Canadian Lobster Industry has a way to go yet to catch up to their American counterparts who long ago bought in to the need to market their brands as unique and of premium value. The state of Maine has committed to multi-year funding to support their ongoing efforts to brand Maine Lobster. The Salmon industry especially the wild Salmon groups in Alaska have for years understood the value of marketing. Copper River Salmon is so well known as a brand some could be excused if they mistook it for an actual unique species of the fish. So as we continue to supply individual companies and fisherman associations with lobster claw band tags we watch with interest to see if the Canadian Lobster Council  can succeed in their goal of guiding the industry towards a generic Canada brand so that everyone with a vested interest in the Canadian Lobster industry continues to  pull in the same direction.

Lobster Claw Band Tags

For more information about lobster claw band tags call Ketchum Mfg. 613-342-8455 or E-mail ketchum@ketchum.ca

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