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Livestock Identification - Pigs

Kevin Dalrymple | November 8, 2011

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. is a global leader in pig identification. The advantage of Ketchum pig identification products relates to the diversity and specific uses for our pig identification products. Ketchum pig identification products include our ear tattooers, shoulder tattooers, tattoo paste, tattoo ink, plastic ear tags, and RFID ear tags.

The Ketchum pig identification can start at birth to 3 days of with our 50D ear tattooer designed to be permanent when used in conjunction with Ketchum tattoo paste or ink. The 101 ear tattooer is designed for pig identification system that require identification of piglets at 4 days of age up to 3 weeks. Ketchum has larger 201 series that can be used in traditional pig id system that facilitate tattooing require pig id after 3 weeks.

Ketchum offers an extensive range of shoulder tattooers for use as pig identification. The Ketchum Baby Pig Body Tattooers are designed for piglets from 2 to 5 weeks of age. The Ketchum BBQ and Feeder Pig Body Tattooer can be used to identify pigs from 25 to 60 kgs (55 to 132 lbs). Ketchum has an extensive range of lightweight and durable 4, 5 and 6 character models of shoulder tattooers that can be used to identify market hogs or provide a permanent pig identification depending on which style of paste or ink you use.

Ketchum pig identification ear tags feature both the small Reytags that are inexpensive and ideal tags to use for export tags or as an inexpensive sorting tag and ITW Reyflex management ear tags. They are available in 6 unique colors. Ketchum has a complete range of visual management tags. The ITW Reyflex tags are proving to be very popular in the field of pig identification in North America and around the world.

For more detailed information please visit our website at www.ketchum.ca or e-mail us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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