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Leg Band

Kevin Donovan | June 5, 2013

Ketchum Manufacturing Incorporated is the world leader in identification products.  For 100 years Ketchum has been selling I.D. products for everything from pets and livestock to food and retail.  Ketchum is always looking for new products to bring to customers and animal identification leg bands are just one of the more recently added products.   Ketchum now provides two types of adjustable plastic leg bands for large and small animals. 




Non-RFID plastic adjustable leg bands are built with cattle in mind.  These adjustable and reusable leg bands are a great option when eartags or neck tags are not enough.  These bands can be used everywhere from a tie stall barn to a free stall setup.  Cattle can be easily identified from the back with large black print on the tags.  Several band colours are available to best suit you application: Red, Blue, Green, Orange, White and Yellow.  The heavy duty plastic material makes great identification bands for wildlife as well.  Adjustable diameter from 9” to 12” the bands can be placed on the legs of moose or small bear for easy tracking.  These leg bands can be easily removed by inserting a flat bar or screwdriver under the locking mechanism and then by pulling the band apart.   As always custom printing can be done in the factory to suit any application you need. 

RFID adjustable leg bands for goats and cattle are a great way to identify your animals electronically.  Several options for these tags allow you to choose the right band for you custom application.  The bands can be purchased with either the FDX or HDX RFID transponder molded into the band.   The bands are available with tamperproof or reusable locking mechanisms.  Ideally suited for milking parlours, these lightweight low profile RFID bands will easily fit on the legs of you animals and reduce the aggravation on the legs that some larger transponders have.  ISO and ICAR compliant with weather proof material make these tags ideal as your milking parlor RFID leg band.  Matched with the proper reader and software you can easily identify each animal as it walks into the parlor or through the walkway.  The bands can be printed with the last few numbers matching the RFID transponder for easy identification without a reader.

For more information contact us at ketchum@ketchum.ca or call us at 613-342-8455.

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