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Lab Animal Supplies - COCOON

Jason Baker | January 10, 2012

The market is flooding with new and improved methods of enriching the lives of our research animals.  The case for environmental enrichment has been made so I won't restate that argument here.  Ketchum Manufacturing understands that budgets are under more strain now than ever before and so we are striving to present cost effective products that offer more.

Ketchum first launched our Cocoon Nesting Cylinders at the AALAS show held in Denver a few years ago and it has been steadily growing in popularity ever since.  This product widely used in Europe is catching on in North America.  Our cotton cylinders allow the animals to carry the material around in their environment which encourages and fosters their natural foraging instincts.  It allows them to establish their next where they want in their environment.  They then have to create their nest by tearing the short cotton fibers from the roll and building a soft and warm nest for their pups.

Cocoon's bright white fibers offer husbandry staff a highly visual reference to the health of the environment in the cage as any fluids are very visible.  This makes Cocoon a perfect post operative enrichment as well to monitor healing wounds.

Used in combination with Kethum's Refuge Environment Enrichment huts, Cocoon can be a cost effect method to promote natural instincts of your research animals.  The cylindrical design is designed for easy dispensing with no tearing or cutting required.  Saving your facility time and money is what Ketchum Manufacturing is all about.  You can purchase directly from Ketchum or through our distribution network.

Click here to see Refuge in use.  After viewing the video if you would like to try a free sample of Cocoon you can request a sample and further information including our technical data sheets for Cocoon.

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