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Ketchum Swine Shoulder Tattoo

Kevin Dalrymple | June 20, 2012

Ketchum Manufacturing Inc. is a leader in swine identification. We have been producing and supply pig identification equipment to pig producers around the world for almost 100 years. Our line of shoulder tattoo equipment is the most diverse in the world. Ketchum shoulder tattoo equipment is an important component of national animal health control programs, quality control programs at processing plants and as a component of on farm management.                                                                      

Our most popular model is our 5 Character Lever Lock Shoulder Tattoo. The Lever Lock

System unique design allows quick characters changes. The design of the Shoulder tattoo is balanced to allow the tattoo to easily be applied. One of the major benefits to Ketchum’s Shoulder Tattoo system is how quickly the hog can be identified. Using Ketchum B7 Ink, a Ketchum inking box or you dip the shoulder tattooer into the ink and then quickly identify the pig on the shoulder.  An individual can identify a hundred pigs in 15 minutes. The Shoulder Tattoo produced by a Ketchum shoulder tattooer is highly legible, ¾” tall and thus can be read quickly on processing lines.

Ketchum produces a 4 character, 5 character, 6 character, a lightweight, 3 over 3, a Rotary,a Feeder, a Barbeque and Stainless steel model shoulder tattooer for swine.  The range of shoulder tattoo products allows Ketchum to meet the needs of today’s swine industry.  Ketchum has the ability to produce custom tattoo characters.


If you have any questions regarding swine shoulder tattoo equipment please contact Ketchum at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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