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Kemco Ink

Kevin Donovan | March 11, 2013

Food safety and traceability go hand in hand to protect the public from disease outbreaks and crisis situations.  In recent times the media has down played or questioned the traceability practices in certain sectors.  In reality these recent scares has shown how effective and important traceability is to protect the consumer.  Traceability and carcass marking plays an important role in the food safety chain by quickly and easily back tracking a potentially dangerous situation back to the source and stopping it before it becomes out of control.  For this reason carcass identification is mandatory for the health and safety of the food industry.  

 Carcass marking is only one of the areas in which Ketchum manufacturing excels at with the availability of Kemco food colour meat marking ink.  A specially formulated ink that is quick drying, highly visible, easy to apply and sticks to the carcass is only available from Ketchum manufacturing.   Ketchum Kemco ink has been CFIA approved since 1968 for direct contact on food grade meats, and is the leading carcass marking ink available.  When used with Ketchum meat stamps the combination is unbeatable in producing highly legible and permanent mark on the animal carcass.  Ketchum Kemco ink is available in 3 easily readable colours; red, blue and green.

The Kemco ink is available in 4 litre jugs or 180 litre (45gal) drums for larger operations that require high volumes.  Both the 4 litre jugs and drums can be delivered right to your doorstep and on time so you will never have to deal with down times or delays.  




Ketchum manufacturing also provides Mark-It-Denaturing ink for the non approved/ condemned carcasses.  The concentrated formula can be sprayed onto the carcass dying it green and non food grade approved.  The denaturing ink is available in both 500ml containers and 18.9 litre pails.


To Contact Ketchum call 613-342-8455 or email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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