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Kalfarm: A More Humane Prod

Tom Lynch | April 13, 2015

Ketchum has recently partnered with Kalfarm who manufacturers a more humane livestock prod. This product answers the question of how do we move our livestock whether it is pigs, lambs, goats, beef cattle or dairy cattle with less stress. This electric prod is different for two reasons:

1) It will signal a noise before the electric pulse to condition animals to move forward when they hear the noise and not to wait for the shock.

2) There are different intensity levels to account for small and larger livestock, as well as the outdoor conditions.

Kalfarm long in use.jpg

When it is used on the same animal a few times, the animal will respond to the noise instead of the pulse. This is the goal of the product, to encourage animal movement without the use of electric charge. In addition to this, Kalfarm has installed an option to control the degree of intensity of the prod, as users may be dealing with different types of livestock in different conditions. This will ensure the minimum amount of force is used to get livestock to their destinations.

The prod itself is rechargeable and comes with the plug-in charger as a kit. As mentioned above, it is idea for small and large livestock as it has three intensity settings for different sizes and weather conditions. The user is able to select the intensity for any given situation. Level one is recommended for smaller livestock, level two is for larger livestock in wet conditions, and level three is for larger livestock in normal conditions. While we may not realize it, the prodders that are commonly used are much more effective in wet weather and the goal of this prod is to decrease animal stress while handling.

While other prods are sold as the handle and the shaft, the Kalfarm unit is sold in the long and the short unit. There is the short model RH- 1328-107, and the long model RH-1329-107. The product does stand up and we are able to prove it, by passing on the two year warranty associated with each purchase.

 Kalfarm short.pngKalfarm long.png

For more information on the Kalfarm short and long prods, please contact us at 613-342-8455 or email us at ketchum@ketchum.ca

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