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Impulse Merchandising

Lani Van Eik | September 21, 2012


What is the first thing you do when you enter a store that you are unfamiliar with? I look for signs to tell me where the products are that I am looking for. The first thing I do is look up to find the large category signs that are around the store "Clothing" "Pet Supplies" "Snack Foods". Once I have made my way through the store to my desired location I look for aisle signage to tell me where the exact product is I am looking for.


What do you do if you have sometime by yourself without the hassle of having to be somewhere else, or without the kids? You go into the store and you wander, appreciate just being alone and scan the aisles. The best part about a shopper like this is they have no idea what they are looking for, the first thing that catches their eye gets put into the cart and so the shopping experience begins.

But how do you catch the eye of the "wanderer"? Your product package has already been developed and you can't change it for just one target segment. You could put your product on sale so that the store manager puts a pretty little tag on it that says "SALE" but you can't do that every week. What about some self signage? Shelf danglers, shelf talkers, aisle signs, channel strips, do these things work?

Next time you go shopping tell me if you notice these things. Does a shelf talker that says Feature Product or Gluten Free catch your attention. Does the product with a large aisle sign in front of it grab your attention saying "Look at me"?


When you decide that these types of impulse merchandising product tags work, give us a call because we manufacture shelf danglers, shelf talkers, aisle signs, channel strips and so much more.

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